Thanking Sally

Sally is one of those people you feel lucky to meet.

She runs a print shop out of her basement, with help from her family, in a small Appalachian town. When I’ve seen her, she is always smiling, and surrounded by beautiful artwork.

That’s because her art is printmaking - empowering artists through the physical (re)production of paintings, photographs, digital artworks, or any other two-dimensional representation you can imagine - and she’s a master. In contrast to her unassuming and warm demeanor, the way Sally strives for perfection in her craft is unmatched: the prints must be indistinguishable from the originals and made using the most durable media and art supplies rated for timescales to last generations.

About a week ago, Sally notified her clients that she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and may only have a few months left to live. I racked my brain for ways to help, and after some discussion over email, she’s indicated the best way is to keep her shop running: to print more art.

So let’s send her a message. Let’s say thank you. Thank you for loving art the way you do, Sally. Thank you for helping artists put their work on walls. Thank you for being you.

Let’s print all the art.

I’m claiming the 101 unprinted vibes in my personal collection, and coupled with 16 already in queue, we’re sending 117 more prints her way before this post. For comparison, we’ve only printed 132 total since 2021; I think we can do a lot more.

Sally's Email
Sally's Email

How to Help

Claim Your Prints

Each [genesis] vibe from my first art collection on Ethereum includes a free print + shipping anywhere in the world; if you’re a holder, just follow the instructions and fill out the form below. I’ll buy prints from Sally as long as her business is open.

If you’re new to my art, the thinking behind the work and where to find it is all here on my site:

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It’s hard to reach all of your collectors on a pseudonymous blockchain, so any help in reach is greatly appreciated. If you know someone who holds vibes, please let them know!

Other Ideas

Out of respect for her privacy, I’ve limited the public details in this post, but if you read her email above and want to help in some other way, contact me on discord at remnynt#7777.

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